Job Descriptions

Candidate Recruitment and Development

  • Maintain a current active candidate and prospect list, and coordinate with Membership-Roster Chair to be sure mailing lists are updated annually
  • Understand and stay current with CPCU and IIA programs
  • Attract new candidates and encourage existing candidates to continue in their pursuit of the CPCU designation
  • Maintain accurate records of candidate recruitment and development activity during the year
  • Promote the Society's candidate membership
  • Able to make insurance presentation promoting the industry at job fairs or local schools (college and high school)

Chapter Historian

  • Assimilate chapter documents
  • Organize/maintain chapter records and compile reports for chapter leadership
  • Serve as curator of relevant chapter records for posterity

Chapter Mentor Program

  • Mentor provides a short biography and statement on why you want to be a mentor
  • Mentee selects and contacts the mentor that they want to work with
  • Mentor and mentee talk together about the mentee's past experiences, goals, plans, and skills along with the mentor's career path
  • Mentor provides coaching, licensing, advice, sounding board reactions, or other help in an unstructured, casual manner
  • Mentor uses networking contacts to help mentee meet with Subject Matter Experts that may help mentee learn more about additional career opportunities
  • Follow up with the mentee to see if their needs have been met
  • Answer mentee's additional questions or set them up with additional contacts as needed

Community Goodworks

  • Coordinate chapter food drives during I-Day luncheon and selected other meetings throughout the year
  • Looks for ways to involve chapter in charitable community events


  • Ensure a variety of professional education programs are available to the membership
  • Knowledgeable of CPCU and AICPCU websites
  • Arrange or assist in arranging CPCU workshops
  • Knowledge of process required to contact area states for CE accredtation
  • Relay education/workshop information to chapter
  • Work with area companies on education programs

Information Technology and Webmaster

  • Serve as liaison to national for providing information for web site
  • Establish procedures to coordinate with the chapter board on posting information
  • Update and maintain the chapter website
  • Research and make recommendations on links to other organizations' web sites
  • Able to assist at chapter meetings for audio/video presentation needs
  • Attend CPCU Web Training offered by National Society
  • Research and development of advanced web technology (e.g.: e-commerce/on line payment applications, membership surveys-applications, structural improvements such as improved layout, organization and graphics-photos, identifying and applying best web site practices)
  • Maintain security administration (Log-ons and passwords)

Membership - Roster

  • Maintains chapter roster information and coordinates with National to keep data up to date
  • Sends out all electronic communications to chapter
  • Welcomes new designees and new members to the chapter, which includes sending them the roster and the most recent chapter announcement
  • Assist board in maintaining active participation of all current chapter members

New Designee (Immediate Past-Present)

  • Maintain the chapter roster of new designees
  • Distribute information and serve as contact point for questions from new designees
  • Serve as liaison between the chapter and the national new designee task force
  • I-Day responsibilities: Contact new designees in June/July to make an initial invitation to local conferement and note that they will be our guest and can bring a guest, Send New Designees a written invitation in September to I-Day, Welcome new designees at I-Day and outline the ceremony and provide guidance during ceremony
  • Encourage new designees to attend meetings and become active members of the chapter

Public Relations

  • Puts ad in local newspaper in the spring/summer announcing the new chapter officers/board for the following chapter year
  • Puts recognition ad in local newspaper before I-Day (i.e. Oct/Nov) for new designees